15 Nov

Seaside caravan holidays in the UK

If you’re looking to get away for a bit and spend some quality time with your loved ones, then a family break in a caravan can make for a great holiday. A caravan can be a home away from home and is often more practical than staying in a hotel, especially if you have young children. It means that during the warmer months, the children can go to bed and you can sit out on the deck or have a BBQ and still enjoy yourself rather than all being confined to one room.

When booking a caravan you need to research carefully the owners or company you are booking with. If you decide to book a caravan privately then you need to be sure that you can trust the person you are booking it with that the caravan will be as described but also that they do actually have a caravan that they can let out. Never book a holiday through someone you don’t know and pay in full without any assurance that the holiday is actually genuine.

Staying in a caravan will often mean that you get some mod cons that you may not get in your hotel room. Theses may include a microwaves, fridges/ freezers and a separate rooms for a child to sleep in and play with their toys in. This also means you can put your children to bed and still enjoy the main living space that may not get in a hotel unless you pay for a suite.

Holidaying with friends or family can be fun and a great way to allow everyone time to enjoy their holiday.



09 Oct

Should you buy a caravan?

If you enjoy going on camping holidays then you may consider buying a caravan. Hiring a caravan can work out quite a large expense if you do it a few times a year. If you have a little bit of available money then you may be able to buy one and save money on your holiday trips, only having to pay for pitch hire. Caravans range drastically in cost, from as little as £1000 upward towards the £30,000 mark and everything in between. You can often pick up a 2 berth caravan that is about 20 year sold for just over a thousand pounds. This may be perfect for you and your partner and if you also don’t mind doing a bit of refurbishments in it, you can often make it look very modern inside just by changing the cupboard doors ( or painting them) and reupholstering the seats.

If you have family members that may also want to use the caravan for their holiday trips, then you could even ask if they would like to contribute some towards the cost of buying one to allow you all to buy something that is a little bigger or newer.



25 Sep

Making a holiday special on a tight budget

Many families struggle to keep up with the ever rising cost of an annual holiday, especially if you are restricted to school holidays. If you are wanting to go away but have quite a tight budget, then early planning is essential. You may be able to find a family member or friend that has a caravan or holiday home that you could borrow for a week which can often work out a lot cheaper than renting through a larger company. If you decide to book through a social media site etc, then be very careful in how you pay for your holiday as people have been duped in to sending money only to find there was never a holiday home for them to stay in.

In terms of activities, most children are more easily pleased than we think and a day on the beach is as good as a day at an expensive theme park. Camp fires on the beach is always a great idea to lift the mood and experience the great outdoors or a walk through the sand dunes, all of which cost nothing to do.

Either take food with you or find a large supermarket where you can stock up on food, to avoid having to fork out a lot of eating out every day.



11 Aug

Booking your honeymoon

There is nothing better after planning a wedding than being able to go off on an amazing honeymoon. Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and puts a lot of pressure on a couple, so a honeymoon can be the perfect time to unwind and spend some quality time together that doesn’t involve discussing your guest list.

Planning where to go on your honeymoon will depend on what you want to do and what time of year you want to go. If for example you are planning a winter wedding but want to go on a honeymoon that is going to be hot then you may need to either book a holiday in the Caribbean or delay the honeymoon for a few months until spring time.

There are so many pre made honeymoon holidays you can chose but they do tend to put the prices up a little bit. You may be better just finding a holiday you like and then adding in trips or extras to make it even more special. This is often a cheaper way of getting the holiday you want whilst it still being a little different to a usual holiday.



28 Jul

Family holidays and short breaks

Us Brits have been going to the seaside for as long as we can remember. As soon as the sun comes out when pack the towels, a picnic and the suncream and head of to the nearest seaside resort.  Resorts such as Blackpool, Bournemouth, Barmouth, Margate and Tenby are typical seaside towns that continue to draw thousands of tourists year upon year. As long as there is sand and sea, the tourists will come.

If you are looking for a family holiday for a weekend or week away then you may want to explore one of the companies that specialise in these sorts of UK holidays. Butlins and Pontins are two of the largest family holiday resorts and they are situated all over the UK. They have resorts in beach locations as well as in shore and there’s a wealth of activities for all the family. Minehead Butlins offers a wide range of activities for children and adults of all ages and has a golden sandy beach literally a stone’s throw away from the resort entrance.

You may pay a little more than a standard campsite to stay at one of these resorts but once you are there, you do not have to spend much on entertainment as it is all provided on site. With kids clubs, evening entertainment and soft play / outdoor play areas, there is something for everyone.

You can often chose the standard of your accommodation, meaning if you want a little more luxury you can pay to upgrade to a larger apartment or one with a sea view.