12 Jul

Avoiding a holiday from hell

So many people look forward to a holiday but there are often things that can go wrong on holiday that can turn it very quickly in to a holiday from hell. When travelling abroad one of the most common reasons for an awful holiday is illness. It may be that you have caught something before you go or that you become ill when away. This can really put a dampener on things and make it very hard for you to enjoy your time away. Often when people get ill on holiday its due to food. If you are eating a lot of food you are not used to, even if it is ok for the locals, it may cause you to have an upset tummy.

If you eat food from a café or restaurant and it has not been prepared correctly or cooked in the right way you may end up with food poisoning. This can cause an upset tummy along with sickness and make you spend the next few days in bed.

Always make sure you take some medication with you should you get ill. You may find it hard to get all the medicines you usually use when away on holiday.


05 Jun

Planning a holiday with children of different ages

If you are trying to plan a family holiday and have children that are of a different age, then you may struggle when it comes to choosing where to go and what activities to do. Children’s ideas of fun and what they enjoy to do can vary a lot from one age to another. What a three year old may think is great can be very different to what a twelve year old will want to do and you want to be able to try and please both whilst still enjoying the holiday yourself.

If there are two adults going it may be that for part of the holiday you can split your time and can do separate activities that each child will enjoy. This does mean though that you do not get to spend time with your partner or as a family altogether. You could also try and find activities that vary dependant on ages such as swimming where the children can go on different slides etc depending upon their age and ability.

Research shows that the majority of children enjoy spending time on the beach when on holiday at varying ages. This is often free too so is a cheap day out for everyone. Even if the weather is not great, having a walk across the beach or paddling your feet in the sea can be done come rain or shine.



27 May

Trips away over the festive period

It may seem a bit odd to be thinking about Christmas already but it is actually only just over 6 months away meaning if you are planning a trip away during the festive period you may need to start planning it now. Sometimes Christmas can be quite stressful, it can put a financial strain on you and your family, you may worry about who you are going to spend the day with as many people have quite a few family members that they would like to see on the big day. It can be hard trying to fit in seeing everyone and this can actually cause disagreements between couples. If you have young children then they will probably want to spend time playing with their new toys and not having to travel around for hours in the car.

Getting away during the festive period can take a lot of the pressure off. Yes it will of course cost you a bit more money, and you will have to pack to go away but it does mean that you will be able to spend time with your loved ones without having to plan exactly where you need to go on Christmas day. If you really want to spend time with all your family, then why not discuss all going away together. Once you have all gone to the location you can relax, and enjoy Christmas together without anyone having to travel. Also it is often cheaper to rent a large cottage or farm house if there are multiple families.


21 Apr

Don’t let bad weather spoil your holiday

Unfortunrelty here in the UK we often have quite unpredictable weather. Some years April can be warm and sunny others it can be freezing cold and possibly even snow. This can make holiday planning in the UK a little tricky. If you do decide to go away in UK then you may have to expect bad weather no matter what time of the year you chose to go. Although the UK has some beautiful locations and many attractions that will keep the family entertained, the weather is one thing that cannot be guaranteed.

Ideally try and plan a number of activities that you can do that will not be affected by the weather. If you have young children you may want to research some local soft play areas. Aquariums are great for all the family as well as Zoos and theme parks. Maybe find a local museum that you can visit, many of them don’t even charge an entrance fee.

If you are not able to spend much on entertainment, take some games with you to play in your accommodation or dress up in your waterproof and go out in the rain for a stroll along the beach.

Even holidays that see little sun can be great fun and bring the family closer together.



19 Mar

Cheap breaks in the UK

If you are looking to get away with the family this summer but are constricted to the school holidays, then you may be shocked at how much it costs to rent a caravan or stay at a resort during these times of the year. In the summer holidays, holiday goers can expect to pay towards £1000 a week for a break away in on the south coast. You may be surprised to find out that it is often cheaper to stay in a hotel rather than a caravan. If you have children with you then you will most likely all sleep in the same room but if you go to a place where there is plenty to do then you may not spend much time in your room anyway other than sleeping.

A four night break in the school holidays in May 2018, staying in a Premier Inn Bournemouth for example can cost as little as £240 for a family of four. This can be a cheap break for all the family and still allows you to have some of the comforts you have at home such as proper beds, a TV and maybe even a full English breakfast.