21 Apr

Don’t let bad weather spoil your holiday

Unfortunrelty here in the UK we often have quite unpredictable weather. Some years April can be warm and sunny others it can be freezing cold and possibly even snow. This can make holiday planning in the UK a little tricky. If you do decide to go away in UK then you may have to expect bad weather no matter what time of the year you chose to go. Although the UK has some beautiful locations and many attractions that will keep the family entertained, the weather is one thing that cannot be guaranteed.

Ideally try and plan a number of activities that you can do that will not be affected by the weather. If you have young children you may want to research some local soft play areas. Aquariums are great for all the family as well as Zoos and theme parks. Maybe find a local museum that you can visit, many of them don’t even charge an entrance fee.

If you are not able to spend much on entertainment, take some games with you to play in your accommodation or dress up in your waterproof and go out in the rain for a stroll along the beach.

Even holidays that see little sun can be great fun and bring the family closer together.



19 Mar

Cheap breaks in the UK

If you are looking to get away with the family this summer but are constricted to the school holidays, then you may be shocked at how much it costs to rent a caravan or stay at a resort during these times of the year. In the summer holidays, holiday goers can expect to pay towards £1000 a week for a break away in on the south coast. You may be surprised to find out that it is often cheaper to stay in a hotel rather than a caravan. If you have children with you then you will most likely all sleep in the same room but if you go to a place where there is plenty to do then you may not spend much time in your room anyway other than sleeping.

A four night break in the school holidays in May 2018, staying in a Premier Inn Bournemouth for example can cost as little as £240 for a family of four. This can be a cheap break for all the family and still allows you to have some of the comforts you have at home such as proper beds, a TV and maybe even a full English breakfast.


28 Feb

Summer holidays in Peru

Many of us dream of going on holiday and often many of us only get to do it every couple of years or so. If you are looking for your summer 2018 holiday and have yet to decide on a location, why not pick Peru.  Peru can offer you a bit of a different holiday to what you may be used to, so why not ditch the usual beach holiday for an amazing adventure.

Huacachina is a desert oasis town that really is very different to anything else you may have experienced. This place is situated in a very isolated little spot which allows a relaxing holiday with beautiful scenery. Whilst there you will also have the opportunity to have an adrenaline fuelled trip by taking up the sand sports around the oasis town such as dune buggy rides and sandboarding.

On visiting this beautiful area of Peru you can also arrange excursions for winery tours and boat trips, one of the most fascinating ones being a boat trip to Ballestas to see the sea lions and penguins! There is so much to see on a trip to Peru that packing your camera is essential. This type of holiday will make memories that will last forever and can be enjoyed by all the family.

29 Dec

Daycations – family fun when on a tight budget

At this time of year, when bank accounts are emptied thanks to the joys of Christmas, holidays are probably the last thing on many people’s minds. It does not help that the weather is usually abysmal – some people may think that they would rather be away somewhere sunny, but others simply forget what it is like to see the sun past four o’clock in the evening and accept the long wait until summer.

However, there is an alternative option. It is unlikely to involve sun, but a daycation could provide the break you and your family need to escape the daily routine for a short while. Whether it is to a theme park or a place of natural beauty, it could provide a bonding opportunity as well as the fun you need.

With apps dedicated to planning trips, you could work out whether the train, bus or car provides the quickest and cheapest option for reaching the destination, and you only need to pack the essentials for the day such as snacks and maybe a spare set of clothes if you are heading somewhere that has a tendency to become muddy. With no costs for overnight stays involved, you can enjoy the day on a limited budget with no worries.

15 Nov

Seaside caravan holidays in the UK

If you’re looking to get away for a bit and spend some quality time with your loved ones, then a family break in a caravan can make for a great holiday. A caravan can be a home away from home and is often more practical than staying in a hotel, especially if you have young children. It means that during the warmer months, the children can go to bed and you can sit out on the deck or have a BBQ and still enjoy yourself rather than all being confined to one room.

When booking a caravan you need to research carefully the owners or company you are booking with. If you decide to book a caravan privately then you need to be sure that you can trust the person you are booking it with that the caravan will be as described but also that they do actually have a caravan that they can let out. Never book a holiday through someone you don’t know and pay in full without any assurance that the holiday is actually genuine.

Staying in a caravan will often mean that you get some mod cons that you may not get in your hotel room. Theses may include a microwaves, fridges/ freezers and a separate rooms for a child to sleep in and play with their toys in. This also means you can put your children to bed and still enjoy the main living space that may not get in a hotel unless you pay for a suite.

Holidaying with friends or family can be fun and a great way to allow everyone time to enjoy their holiday.