26 Feb

An adventure at Go Ape

If you are wanting to do some adventure activities when on holiday, why not try Go Ape. There are a number of Go Ape centres all over the UK and they offer a wide range of activities in several of their forest locations. They have over 30 courses available and there is something for all the family to enjoy so its not just for adults. This is great as it means you can take part as a family. It is also good for businesses looking for team building and bonding activities. The activities they offer include Segway, Zip wires, and Tree top climbing for all abilities.

Go Ape can also cater for parties such as kids birthday parties or stag / hen do’s. They also offer group/ individual bookings and packages for schools or businesses.

If you have younger children and you want to build their confidence then enrolling them in a junior tree top adventure might be just the thing. You can take part with them or just spectate if they are within the guidelines regarding weight/height and age.

There is currently 33 Go Ape sites across the UK and this number continues to grow, meaning there is probably one quite close to where you live or where you are planning on going on holiday.

26 Jan

Snap up a no deposit holiday

January blues often hit us all a bit. It’s a time when Christmas is done with for a year, money is often quite tight and the weather is usually wet and miserable. January is also a time when many of us start to look to book a holiday and give us something to look forward too.
With money being tight, many families struggle to afford to book a holiday during the month of January but holiday tour operators often tempt us with special offers and try and make it easy to book.
Some tour operators are currently offering very low or even no deposit holidays. You can book the holiday and spread the cost out over a certain amount of payments. One thing to remember when doing this is that holidays often have to be fully paid at least 4-6 weeks before the departure date and this may not leave much time to spread the costs out over if you are planning on going in the first part of the year. Be sure to check exactly what needs to be paid when and ensure that you will have the funds to pay it. Some companies will let you pay as much or as little as you like off as long as it is paid in full by a certain date. This can be handy for people who know they are going to be getting a sum on money on a set date.

27 Sep

Travelling without travel insurance

If you are in the process of booking a holiday, it is vital that you think about your travel insurance. A good travel insurance policy will cover you for a number of things from illness down to having to cancel your holiday.

When choosing who to go with for your travel insurance, it is important to think about what level of cover you need. Should the worse happen and you become ill or have an accident and require medical attention, you may find yourself left with a huge bill going up in to the thousands. If you have travel insurance then you should be covered for this a long as you have filled out your medical history correctly. Some policies will not cover you for existing medical conditions so to be sure, you need to double check this.

When going away make sure you have at least one copy of your travel insurance documents with you and that leave one at home with a friend or family member.

You can use comparison sites to compare travel insurance policies at a glance but be sure to check that it offers the level of cover you require as the cheapest policy is not always the right one for you.



20 Aug

Looking to book a last minute camping trip?

With the end of the summer holidays fast approaching, many people are looking to squeeze another few days or a weekend camping trip in before the children go back. Spaces are becoming very limited and you may find that you are left with little choice as to where you can go for a break away. Tent pitches without electric hook up are often the pitches that are most readily available, and if you are only going for a few days then you may feel that this type of pitch will be fine for you.

Although time is running out to book somewhere, you still need to carefully research a place before booking it. You may be surprised to find that not all sites have toilets and showers, and if you see the term “wild camping” then this is often the case.

It is important to read reviews of a site and check that their rules and regulations fit in with what you are looking for. For example, some sites do not allow BBQ’s or camp fires on site and others will have a no noise policy in place after 10pm.

If you have children you may want to check if they have a play area on site or a games room for them to use whilst away.


12 Jul

Avoiding a holiday from hell

So many people look forward to a holiday but there are often things that can go wrong on holiday that can turn it very quickly into a holiday from hell. When travelling abroad one of the most common reasons for an awful holiday is an illness. It may be that you have caught something before you go or that you become ill when away. This can really put a dampener on things and make it very hard for you to enjoy your time away. Often when people get ill on holiday its due to food. If you are eating a lot of food you are not used to, even if it is ok for the locals, it may cause you to have an upset tummy.

If you eat food from a café or restaurant and it has not been prepared correctly or cooked in the right way you may end up with food poisoning. This can cause an upset tummy along with sickness and make you spend the next few days in bed.

Always make sure you take some medication with you should you get ill. You may find it hard to get all the medicines you usually use when away on holiday.