31 May

Booking your summer holiday

When going on holiday and there are certain decision is that you need to made prior to booking.  You need to decide where you want to book your holiday, some people decide to book their holidays through a travel agent where as other people decide to book a holiday themselves online.  Often you may get a better deal by booking your holiday online as you are able to easily compare prices and shop around for the best price.

If you are not concerned about where you want to go, you can search for holidays within your budget.  Be sure to check that the holiday price quoted includes everything that you need it to such as flights, baggage allowance and also transfers to and from the airport.

If you are going to be going on holiday with children, then you may need to check other details of the holiday such as which airport you are flying from and flight times.

Some airports have very little in way of things to do and if you are delayed at all or even if you arrive early for your flight, your children may get very bored with having to hand around. Some airports such as Manchester and Birmingham even have soft play areas.


20 Apr

Taking a dog with you on a camping holiday

It may seem like a nice idea to be able to take your pet with you when you go on a camping holiday but you do have to consider your options carefully before committing to taking them along. Firstly you need to consider how long the journey to and from your destination is going to be and what your dog is like at travelling. If the dog does not feel happy being in the car then it may not be a good idea to take them on an eight hour car journey.

If you are going to a seaside destination then you will need to check if dogs are allowed on the beaches. Some beaches restrict dogs altogether others may restrict dogs at certain times of the years or on parts of the beach.

If you are planning on going out for meals etc whilst on holiday then you need to think what you will do with your dog whilst you are out, it is not advisable to keep them inside the tent nor in a car, so unless you can take them with you, you may find that you are very restricted in what you can do.


31 Mar

Prioritising your holiday expectations

When booking a holiday it is important to prioritise what you want and need on your holiday. Many people have a firm idea of where they want to go on holiday and what they want to do but their budget simply doesn’t allow for it.

When deciding on a holiday write a list down of essentials and nice to have’s, this will allow you to remain focused on the essentials and then looking at the nice to haves after. If you find number of holidays that appear to tick all the essential boxes, then start to work your way through the non essentials to see how many of them each holiday offers you. When making your list consider each item carefully as you may request that the hotel must have an on site restaurant but if you are going self catering and eating out most of the nights then you will probably not need a this to be on your priority list.

Don’t be afraid to take your list in to the travel agents with you and show them, they can often find it very helpful knowing exactly what you are looking for.


22 Feb

Going away with the girls

It may be that you want to get away somewhere with your friends but are unsure of where to go. Often groups of friends go away to celebrate a hen or stag party, baby shower or special birthdays. It can be hard knowing where to go and what to do if you are inviting a number of friends as they may all have different interests and hobbies.

You firstly need to consider what your options are. If you and your friends don’t mind getting dirty then paintballing weekends away can be great fun, but if you would rather go somewhere you can relax then a spa weekend could be just for you. Often groups of friends will go to another city for a few days, this can allow you to spend some of the time doing one activity and then move on to something else. It can also mean that the group could split up and do different things if they wanted to.

Trips away can be expensive and some may struggle to be able to pay for a holiday with little notice, for this reason it is advisable to book a holiday or at least plan it well in advance to allow everyone the time they need.

30 Dec

Choosing a spa holiday

Holidays are great for relaxing and rejuvenating so why not go the whole hog and book in for a spa break away. Many discount deal websites offer money off spa packages all over the UK and occasionally abroad too.

With so much choice it can be hard to make a decision but there are some key things to look out for.

Many spas will offer a ‘spa day’ that only includes use of the facilities, these can be quite costly for what you get and its worth remembering that the price could go up very dramatically if you then want to book in to have some spa treatments done. Sometimes it’s cheaper to just book a treatment at the spa as most places will let any customers use all the facilities after your treatment anyway, it’s not a given but defiantly worth checking out.

As with any holiday it’s always worth checking the reviews of the accommodation and of the spa to ensure that you know what you will be getting included in your offer.

Before you attend your trip it may be worth giving the spa a call to check the timings for things such as your treatments and ask questions such as what you’ll need to bring with you on the day. This way you can relax and enjoy your stress-free spa break.