03 Aug

Golfing Holidays 2017

Travelling to some of the top golf courses around the beautiful places of Europe for simply dabbling with a round or two or to play golf all day is one of the incredibly amazing things to do. Cherishing the warmth of the sunshine with your family, friends, social or golf club is undoubtedly a great time. There is no better time of the year to be a golfer than when there is greenery and warmness all around. The country offers a gargantuan variety in golf courses to meet every predilection that you may have in your mind.

With so many diverse types and styles of courses available to choose from, you will undeniably find something for you that will take your breath away. When there are no limits in terms of playing destinations, you can cherry-pick the place that appeals you the most. So, if you are planning golfing holidays 2017, you’ve got numerous places to opt for. All these various places are flawless and hold pristine views to immerse you in the game altogether.
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21 Oct

Best Months Per Country For An African Safari

Weather forecasts warned UK residents of impending freezing weather that will result in fierce blizzards and brutal winds. This is about the best time not to be in the country after the endless summer everyone enjoyed. Planning ahead is obviously the chosen method, but it is still not too late to book an Africa holiday safari from your local tour operator.

Explore natural wonders, big open skies, vast wilderness, adventure activities, big game and diverse cultures on the fascinating African continent. Extraordinary climate with sunny, hot weather from September until end of March with temperatures cooling in autumn to a mild winter, it is the ideal destination to escape from cold weather. Tour operators offer a diverse range of multi-country small and large group’s packages, adventure activity breaks, overland safaris and more. Read More

28 Jun

Exploring Bulgaira

There are so many different dies to Bulgaria, you could be on the beach  topping up your tan or climbing a snowy mountain, visiting the many natural caves or historical monuments.

Bulgaria has it all while it’s extremely cheap out there too. Kassandra is a really nice holiday village in Bulgaria and you get a very quiet atmosphere. Bansko is a mountain resort, while it’s lively and packed with ski bars, nightspots and quality restaurants.

It can take several holidays to cover all aspect of Bulgaria but with summer around the corner, it certainly has t be backed as one of the favourites for a cheap last minute beach holiday deal. The country is one of the most vibrant in terms of the activities on offer, and it really does have something for everyone. If you’re looking for a unique break then consider Bulgaria, you really will struggle to find better priced excursions.

20 Mar

Eco-Friendly Travel

Holidays and vacations are a really important factor in the economy, and in the health of the individuals in it. They are a great way of de-stressing from a life which is saturated with work. But, with the current global warming problems, which is proven to be a result of human activity increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, travelling by aeroplane to your holiday destination may make an unnecessary contribution. There are plenty of alternative, less fossil fuel reliant travel options which you can choose in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Travelling by boat is a great example of this, although it doesn’t always make sense to travel to the other side of the world by boat. Another thing you can consider to limit your impact on the ecosystem, is to join a conservation effort while on holiday. There are a number of ‘ecotourism’ holiday packages, which give you a great holiday, while also allowing you to contribute to conservation efforts.

18 Mar

Combing Safari with Beach

Many people like to combine their time on safari with a few days by the beach. After all the excitement and exhilaration of your safari in the bush, some time relaxing in equally beautiful coastal surroundings is perfect! Imagine yourself sitting back on powder soft white sands listening to the sound of the calm, sparkling, turquoise ocean in front of you with your favourite novel in one hand and your favourite chilled cocktail in the other.

Africa and the Indian Ocean islands have some truly exquisite coastlines, with some wonderful beach properties to match. There’s something for everyone who wants to mix beach and safari. Perhaps you’re looking for a large yet stylish hotel with lots of facilities? Le Telfair in Mauritius would be the perfect choice. Comprising twenty spacious and chic villas, there’s an 18-hole golf course, tennis court, spa and lots of opportunity for water sports. Families looking for a more relaxed environment might like Kinondo Kwetu on the Kenya Coast. This superb coastal hideaway refers to itself as a ‘home from home’ where you’ll eat delicious, fresh meals al fresco on the beach. There are two pools and tennis court and there are opportunities to go riding, fishing, snorkelling and boating.

Depending on where you travel to for the safari portion of your trip, you could combine it with a short Zanzibar, Kenya coast, Mozambique, Seychelles or Mauritius holiday.