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04 Dec

Holidays Suitable All Year Round

Some areas are really good holiday destinations, not just in the summer and the spring, but also in autumn and winter. Croatia is a country which enjoys hot and dry weather pretty much all year round, and Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia.

African nations such as Uganda and Kenya both enjoy really hot weather, and in fact it can be difficult to see any water at all, which is why it is one of the most severe environments for animals, and one of the best for seeing migration as it happens.

If you wanted a place a little closer to home, the Canary Islands are a great option, wind can pick up in these islands but you’re bound to come away with a superb tan.

Our final ideal location for hot weather during the cold and warm months is South East Asia, but generally any country along the equator is bound to enjoy the hottest weather.

27 Nov

Choosing your Summer holiday in the Winter

When you pick a summer holiday in winter, you’re practically giving yourself first pick of the options that are out there. This can either work in your favour or against. For example, low prices can be found during winter, and hotels are always trying to fill their spaces for the next holiday season.

However, if those spaces do not fill as they anticipate, prices can drop, and you may find you’ve overpaid for your holiday package. Depending on your provider, if prices drop you’re also entitles to hat price and you can be given a part refund, but be sceptical because this isn’t always the case.

Many people say that by booking early, you can find cheap deals, because you’re shopping for summer holidays at a time when not many other people are. Either way, only pay what you feel is a reasonable price for a summer holiday, and the benefit of booking really early means that you have more time to pay it off.

24 Nov

Spending a Week in the Algarve

The Algarve is a truly stunning area of mainland Portugal, and it benefits form a huge stretch of fabulous beaches. Balaia is a part of that, and it’s a really secluded destination, whilst it is popular for being a golf village.

It also has 2 fantastic beaches, with blue water seas, exotic surroundings. The main beach is not ideal for those wanting a peaceful atmosphere, with the added benefit of beach bars, water sports and sun loungers (in the peak season that is).

If you’re a keen golfer who wants a break, this is the ideal holiday for you, Balaia in the Algarve benefits from an award winning 9 hole golf course, and it benefits from stunning beach views. You can perhaps even bring your partner along, even if they are not a keen golfer, because the restaurants and beaches on offer really are superb.

07 Nov

Get the best of both worlds with a Safari and Beach holiday

It’s odd, only years ago, there were parts of Africa where that you couldn’t access easily, now small planes can take you to whatever area you like and because there has been improved travel (no more long train and bus journeys), the range of holidays is enormous.

Africa can offer a unique safari and beach holiday, not only does it means you can see the migration as it occurs, but you can top off a safari with a superb week by a paradise-like beach.

If you love animals, and you love a typical relaxing beach holiday, a safari and beach holiday could be the option for you. Various areas have various migration periods so it’s important to choose the right time for you and your needs.

If you want to get the best of both worlds, make sure you next holiday is a Safari and Beach holiday, you won’t come away disappointed.

03 Oct

Researching your Holiday before you leave

So many people will book a holiday solely on price, and then arrive home with many complaints, one of which may be ‘they said it was a 4 star’.

Each hotel with have its own star rating, especially if your booking with an international travel agent, but to get a true idea of your hotel, undertaking research is vital. Popular sites like Tripadvisor can provide a true indication of your hotel, especially in the review section.

Reading the comments made by people who have stayed at the hotel, we feel, is vital. Listen to what they’ve got to say, they may warn you about something important or provide you with valuable information.

Looking at photographs is also important, and not just the enhanced photographs published by the hotel itself. Knowing the area and the town is also imperative, there are so many people who come back of a holiday and someone will ask them where they stayed, and they just won’t know.

A great deal of money is spent on holidays and make sure you select the right one. Information is out there to be found, so ensure you don’t come home with a list of complaints.