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Holidays 2016 | Holidays and Vacations

28 Sep

Choosing holiday accommodation

When looking to book overnight accommodation you need to consider what factors are important to you such as cost or location.  If you are just wanting a place to get your head down after a good night out then cost and possibly location will probably be top of your priorities but if you are looking for an experience that is a little more luxurious and perhaps somewhere that has a little more to offer then facilities and star rating may be more important.

It may be that you have the option of staying in a B and B or in a hotel in your chosen location, in which case you will need to consider if there is a 24hr reception if you are thinking of going out and what the checking and check out / breakfast times are.  Most hotels have 24 hour reception and check in making them more accessible where as some B and B’s have a strict opening and closing time.



19 Jul

Cheap family holidays

If you are looking for a family vacation in the UK then you may wish to consider booking through a company such Butlins or Pontins. These types of holiday companies often advertise holidays during the summer holidays at a special or discounted rate. They are designed with children in mind and allow you to relax and let the children enjoy your time away as well as allowing you time to relax too.

They tend to cost a little more than a standard campsite, but with the wealth of entertainment on site you can get away with spending very little when you are there. There is usually a choice of accommodation from standard to luxury apartments or lodges and with parks all over the UK there is probably one not too far away from you.

Many of the parks are situated near a beach meaning that when there you can venture out of the park and spend time at the sea side.


27 Jun

Group holidays

Holidays are a great way to relax and unwind with people that we enjoy spending time with. Often it is close family that people chose to holiday with but for others it may be that they go away with friends. Group holidays can be fun and can also save you a lot of money as many places offer a discount for group bookings. Some resorts will not take bookings from all female or all male groups though so you do need to check this at the time of booking.

If you are looking to go on holiday with your family you may decide that a few other families could come along too. This can give each couple time to themselves as well as with the group often with each couple looking after the other ones children for a day or in the evening. If the children have to be in bed for a certain time it can also allow the adults some company to sit and have a glass of wine or to enjoy a late night bbq.


31 May

Holidays to Italy

Italy is an amazing place packed full of exciting activities, amazing history and beautiful sightseeing. There are so many stunning places to visit within Italy, it doesn’t matter where you go, you can be sure to experience something special with amazing food, fantastic wines and a great atmosphere.

If you like a bit of shopping then Italy will not disappoint. There is a wide choice of shops from the normal high street stores to boutiques and designer heaven.

Italy often gets some beautiful weather and with the stunning golden beaches, you will have plenty of choice when it comes to finding a perfect spot to relax and do a bit of sunbathing. At the toe of Italy’s boot is Sicily, which offers outstanding beaches, ancient ruins and friendly resorts. Italy can be enjoyed by families looking to get away to spend some time together as well as friends looking for great nights out, amazing food and plenty of local wines.

25 Apr

Travel arrangements

Travel costs can be extremely high especially if you rely on black cab taxis or private hire taxis instead of using public transport. If you are going on holiday and know that you will want to venture away from the complex, then it is worth spending some time researching local transport costs, times and pick up / drop off points before you go.

Often you can pick up day or week passes for some public transport companies that will allow you to use their services as much as you like for a set amount. This will only work out more financially viable if you are planning on using the service more than a handful of times. If you do chose to do this then be sure to check if there are any restrictions such as time of the day or the days in which you can use your package.