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Holidays and Vacations 2012 | Holidays and Vacations

09 May

New Zealand Holidays 2012

New Zealand is an ideal holiday destination with its famous stunning scenery. Welcome to a country where adventure abounds, shoes are optional, and sheep outnumber people. Only in New Zealand will you find such an accessible yet varied landscape where outdoor adventure is a countrywide obsession.

Visit Queenstown, surfing in Mt Maunganui, hiking in Tongariro National Park, sailing America’s Cup boats in Auckland, watching whales and dolphins amongst the Hauruki Gulf Islands, caving in Waitomo, camping in Fiordland and exploring world-class galleries, museums, zoos, dining and shops throughout the North and South Islands.

New Zealand has long been famous for its wine industry and has earned it a place as one of the world’s leading wine and food destinations. Whether you’re a driving holiday type or looking for an escorted wine and food tour, there are plenty of options to select.

New Zealand’s coastline and forests provide incredible bird and wildlife scenery. You can visit wildlife parks and zoos throughout the country.

New Zealand is the perfect destinations for water sports, from water rafting, cave tubing, white water sledging or canyoning, to sailing.

New Zealand holidays is a unique holiday destination for fun, water sports, wildlife, adventure, wine tasting and amazing food!


14 Mar

Canada Rail Holidays

Tour Through Canada on the Rail Lines and Save Driving

Canada Rail Holiday is an experience by itself. Reinforced comfort with sophistication of travel would perfectly describe a Canada Rail Holiday. With room to move, constant change in scenery because of changed climatic conditions and of course extended hospitality services, and a range of rail tour services are extended. Canada Rail Holiday is an experience by itself. Spectacular rail routes and natural picturesque makes the entire tour memorable and enjoyable. Canada Rail Holiday allows the tourists to witness the wonderful diversity of landscapes of the country and also various beautiful cities of Canada. The most famous and popular day trains in Canada are Rocky Mountaineer, which covers Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Banff, Canadian Panorama Multicentre express which covers Toronto, Niagara Falls, Vancouver and Banff cities. From Baffin Island in the Arctic Circle to the hotter belt of Toronto, one of the best ways one can go around Canada is through Rail tour. There are millions of people who have achieved the amazing experience of Canada Rail Holiday.

See More Than Just One Canadian Landmark

Most of the North American territory is untouched wilderness but Canada Rail routes cover the busy and bustling cities of Toronto, Quebec, Montreal and the like. Canadian Rail Holiday is generally a memorable travel mode one can find anywhere in this world. Tourists could benefit the best of Canada through an epic journey from Vancouver to Halifax. Traveling on iconic trains across the entire continent of North America itself is a rich experience. Due to the vast area covered, the view outside our window changes every day from the towering Rockies to Central Plains to great lakes somewhere to rugged plains at places and so on. The itineraries of Canada Rail Holiday tour is crafted to include a variety of excursions which balance cultural, historic and social interest. North America being a vast land mass traveling by train might prove fruitful to the tourist and even regular passengers both comfortable to the pockets and so also would reduce their physical strain. If driving is not your stride then the best alternative to go around Canada should possibly only be a Canada Rail Holiday tour .

10 Mar

Bear Watching Holidays

Bear watching holidays is really a great idea to have a great time. Bears are many people’s favorite animals. Although bears have unpredictable behavior and a rough temperament, they still do not fail to attract human beings towards them. Bear Watching Holiday programmes are being arranged in many parts of the world to attract the animal lovers. Such Bear watching Holiday programmes are arranged after taking local expertise about the animals to provide the clients the best time with their favourite mammals. Experts advice is essential for such programmes on bear watching since one needs to have a lot of information about the habits and traits of this mammal and without having clue about such things bear watching holiday to a traveler can prove horrid. Bear watching holiday operators ensure that they study the entire physiological and other relevant details about bears retiring and gathering habits so that they facilitate a smooth bear watching tour for the tourists who undertake such tours.

Bear Spotting Experts to Guide You

Usually such bear tour groups comprise of naturalist leaders who study thoroughly the moving habits and other traits of the animals. Bear watching in Canada had started before many years when it started to be practiced as an organized activity. Bear watching became a passion and hobby amongst people living in and around California and Canada and thus leading to a sudden spurt of success in this Industry. The success of bear watching in Canada is mainly attributed to the numerous species of Canadian bears. The past one decade has observed increasing number of bear watches flocking around Canada. Canadian bears are of particular interest and the public attraction features. The Canadian Black bear is one of the main attractions for any Bear watching holiday tours in Canada. Black bears are found almost in all the provinces of Canada and are the centre of attractions in the bear tour package.

08 Mar

Wildlife Holidays Canada

If you are audacious enough and you are planning for a wildlife , whale watching holiday, you must visit Canada. There are several tour agencies around the world who are interested to watch killer whale and bears to the daring and adventurous tourists. Canada is the most admiring tourist spot in the world and by visiting Canada you are going to feel most risky and breathtaking memory with bears and whales. There are numerous tourists and nature lover who feel thrilled by watching these mesmerizing creations of nature. The organizations who aid you to the most beautiful scenic view have their own experts who help you to get minute details of killer whale and splendid bears. They help you to experience the real splendor of nature by watching and guiding you to the most adventurous and remarkable memory of lifetime. The agencies are initiating to preserve the whales and the bears to keep the ecological balance and you can experience an astonishing whale watching holiday in Canada.

Every Detail Of Your Holiday Perfected

There are several locations to experience the serene as well as the thrilling beauty of nature in Canada. Tour operators offer you a number of hot places to visit and feel the thrill. On tranquil Vancouver Island, daring trip on Campbell River, Whale watching in Tofino BC, Bear watching, and throughout the journey you can meet seagulls, seals, sea otters, cormorants and others, they welcome you on the place where you can feel a breathtaking experience which you can always wish to cherish in your lifetime. The bears and whales are two wild animals so you need be cautious enough prior to commence your journey as well as right through your journey. Now if you are wishing to spend your holiday at nature’s lap, you can plan for a whale watching holiday , it will be a memorable and audacious trip.