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Holidays and Vacations 2015 | Holidays and Vacations

16 Dec

Christmas shopping trips

Christmas is nearly up on us but there is still time for some last minute shopping trips. For some, Christmas shopping is very enjoyable and they are more than happy to make a day or weekend out of it. For those, a shopping break could be ideal.

Some popular destinations for UK residence when it comes to Christmas shopping are London, Paris, New York or Italy. Staying within the UK will reduce your travel time and allow you more time to shop but there are great savings to be had if you are will to travel to America for your presents.

Always consider how you will bring any presents back with you on your return trip. If you are flying you will have a luggage allowance and have to pay if you exceed this. Also some items such as consumables may not be allowed to be bought back in to the country, so always check prior to purchasing.


31 Oct

Dog friendly holidays

When booking a holiday, you will need to have decided if you are going to take your pet dog with you. If you are going abroad, obviously this is a long procedure (and an expensive one) which will require your dog going in to quarantine for a period of time before you go and when you return.

If you are looking to holiday in the UK then you should first have a look at the accommodation that will accept pets. Very few bed and breakfasts or hotels will allow pets – so you are more likely to need to stay on a campsite. Again, some of the caravans will not allow them so you may have to do quite a bit of shopping around and most likely stay in a privately rented one or your own.

Once you have the accommodation sorted, you should consider the local area. If there are beaches you may find that you are not allowed to take your dog on there or that there is only a certain part of the beach they can be on.

Taking your pet on holiday is not as easy as it sounds, but is possible as long as you plan correctly in advance.



30 Apr

A dog’s day – A holiday with your pet

If you choose to take your four legged friend on your summer holiday this year then there are a few things that you’ll need to think about.

Firstly always book specific dog-friendly accommodation as if you take your pet to a standard self-catering apartment and they find out that you’ve had a dog there you could be hit with a rather hefty cleaning bill as some places will make you pay for professionally cleaning the carpets even if there is no visible soiling due to any guests staying who could have allergies.

Also ensure that the place that you are visiting has dog-friendly beaches and pubs that you can go to otherwise leaving your dog alone in an unusual house may unnecessarily cause them to be distressed and they may damage the property or become ill if left alone.

As long as you do your research there’s no reason why you can’t take man’s best friend and have a fab holiday away.

27 Mar

A detox holiday

Most of us go on holiday and inevitably eat too much, drink too much and generally do little exercise, this results in us returning home and feeling overweight, lethargic and prone to the holiday blues. However imagine if this wasn’t the case, imagine returning from a holiday feeling in shape, healthy and refreshed.

Yes it is possible, you can achieve just this from a detox holiday!

Now a detox may sound like something you’re forced into after all the over indulgence of Christmas however a detox holiday can be an extremely relaxing and revitalising holiday.

The holidays are usually based in spa hotels, all over the world and are set up to cleanse the mind, body and soul. The hotel will provide a nutritious detox diet for you during your stay along with relaxing activities such as Yoga, Pilates and massages to help your body to relax and detox.

Some of the best detox trips will include luxury accommodation along with excellent treatments and also complimentary therapies to help you with the detox program all whilst relaxing in the warm summer sun (in a bikini that still fits at the end of your trip!)

24 Feb

A holiday to Turkey

I recently went on holiday in Turkey, to a small port town called Kalkan, having never been to Turkey before we had decided to look for somewhere tranquil and picturesque and Kalkan did not disappoint.
The setting of the beautiful town was perfect, our accommodation was just across from the main town of the horseshoe shaped bay. This meant that the town was easily accessible by water taxi or by a slightly longer way round by car.
The many pretty little streets in the town housed little cafés and roof top terrace restaurants as well as small local shops selling gifts and local produce.
The local people were so welcoming and friendly that we immediately felt relaxed and ready to enjoy the holiday. However I wish we’d know to pack some walking shoes as the way Kalkan is built into the hillside means there are lots and lots of steps and a fair bit of walking involved to get around.
But all in all an amazing place that is relaxing and picturesque.