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Holidays and Vacations 2020 | Holidays and Vacations

06 Oct

Holidays on your doorstep

It is often said that we do not fully appreciate our local surroundings choosing instead to travel miles and miles to other locations to spend our leisure time but what about spending time a bit nearer to home and exploring some of the attractions and locations on our doorsteps.

The advantage to keeping it local is that it can be cheaper as often an overnight stay is not necessary although there is nothing wrong with staying in a local hotel or guest house nearby especially if you are planning to dine out and drink during the evening. Local attractions sometimes offer special rates for locals, so it is well worth inquiring about this.

Another advantage to holidaying more locally is that travel time is reduced giving you more time to enjoy the attractions on offer, it may also be possible to visit more than one location in a day. For those who do not relish a long car journey this is a bonus.

It is important to support local businesses now more than ever and so holidaying locally is a good opportunity to do so. By visiting the tourist information website for the area, a whole range of attractions can be found perhaps some that you were not even aware of.

08 May

Planning a family holiday to Devon

A holiday in the UK is going to be the choice of many people this year so when we can all go on holiday again Devon is certainly a destination that should be on your list to visit. For some Devon is simply a county that is passed through on route to Cornwall, but it has many wonderful places to see from the rugged coastline of north Devon to the beautiful beaches on the south coast.

To get the best out of your holiday to Devon it is a good idea to have a two centre stay so that you get to experience the best it can offer. The historic towns of Lynton and Lynmouth is a splendid place to start especially if you like walking. The West Lyn and East Lyn rivers converge here and a beautiful walk along these rivers is a must for every visitor as is a ride on the cliff railway which links the two towns.

On the south coast of Devon, you will find the English Riviera so called because of its mild climate and therefore its abundance of tropical plants. The beautiful sandy beaches make this a popular tourist destination along with its delicious cream teas.

15 Feb

Holidays on the east coast of Zakynthos

A holiday to the Greek island of Zakynthos, or Zante as it is sometimes called, is an excellent way to experience the laid-back atmosphere of the Greek way of life.

Along the east coast there are a variety of resorts ranging from the vibrant resort of Tsilivi with its water parks that can be enjoyed in the day time and its bars, pubs and clubs in the evening to the quieter resorts such as Alykanas with its gently sloping sandy beaches and plenty of family friendly hotels and restaurants offering a wide choice of meals to suit every taste.

To get the most out of your stay in this area it is a good idea to hire either a scooter or quad bike if you are holidaying as a couple or a car if you have the family with you as this will enable you to explore the area fully. A trip into the mountains is recommended where you will be able to experience the magnificent views and may even come across one of the village tavernas where you can sample some of the local food at a very reasonable price.

A stay in the small picturesque village of Amoudi is a must if you are holidaying in this area especially if you are wanting small isolated beaches and lush olive groves.

20 Jan

Making memories whilst on holiday

If you are fortunate enough to have a holiday away with your family this year see it as a time to make memories that you and your children can think of during the grey winter months when holidays seem a long way off.

Making memories doesn’t need to cost a fortune as often the simplest activities mean more than expensive ones. An evening on the beach building a fire from driftwood and cooking sausages or toasting marshmallows costs very little and yet will stay in your children’s memories when you return home.

Collecting shells and pebbles from the shore then making a picture with the treasures is a wonderful way to remember a beach visit. Most children love building sandcastles so a team sandcastle building competition between siblings and friends is great fun.

Should you be holidaying in a town or city making a scrapbook is an inexpensive way of recording places visited and can be supplemented with tickets and leaflets of attractions visited. Children enjoy using a simple map and challenging them to find a destination is a fun way to engage them in the day’s activities. Photographs taken by the children and printed off at home can be included to remind them of their adventures.