23 May

Keeping safe from the sun on holiday

A summer holiday can be so relaxing especially laying back in the glorious sunshine. However too much sun and you could end up with sunburn or even heat-stroke. So how can you protect yourself and your family whilst still getting to enjoy the sun?

One of the most underrated accessories on holiday is a proper sun hat. A good sunhat should offer some shade and protection to your eyes, face and neck area. They help to keep the sun off your head avoiding sunstroke.

Sun cream is a must for all skin types and choosing a high SPF number cream such as 30-50 offers you better protection. Always look out for cream that has a high star rating as well as this shows the quality of the cream. Always re-apply sun cream generously in line with the recommendations on the bottle and don’t forget to reapply once you’ve been in the pool or the sea. Some creams offer protection from just one application once a day however these creams tend to be quite expensive so you may want to shop around.  

Always remember to keep hydrated and drink plenty of soft drinks, resting in the shade at regular intervals when you can.

14 Feb

Should you book that camping holiday now?

The last few years have certainly been very strange for the travel industry. Rules and regulations have come in and out multiple times and this has caused chaos for families trying to get away for a long overdue break. At the start of the height of the pandemic, travel in and out of many countries was banned to try and reduce the risk of the spread of Covid but overtime many countries have started to relax rules. At times over the last few years even holidays within the UK have not been possible due to lockdown restrictions. When holidays were allowed to resume again in this country, many people found that they simply couldn’t get a spot whether it be for a touring caravan, static or even a tent. So what’s going to happen this year? Should you be booking up your camping holidays to avoid disappointment or can you leave it until closer to the time? No one knows exactly what is going to happen and it may be that this year still lots of people choose to have staycations rather than go abroad. If you want to ensure you have a holiday, then it is advisable you book early but be sure to check where you stand should you need to cancel it.