06 Sep

Travel discounts for group bookings

If you are thinking of travelling in a group to a destination then you may want to do some research into discounts you may be eligible for.

There are many benefits to travelling in groups to a holiday destination such as company, safety and being able to save money.  Safety is the most important aspect of travelling with friends or family – as they say, safety in numbers. Going it alone cannot only be scary at times but can make you more vulnerable and likely to be a target of crime.

Many people forget to ask about group travel discounts and are unaware that most companies will offer these even if it is not clearly advertised. For example if you are looking to take a train journey to somewhere for more than 8 – 10 people then it is always worth contacting the train line company and asking if they can offer you a better price. This is also the case for accommodation where block bookings of parties of 10 or more can often save a few pennies. If you can also arrange for people to share rooms, this can cut the cost again. With group discounts you may find that if one or more of your party have to cancel then you may forfeit your discount and have to pay the full price.  Always be sure to check the terms and conditions of any discount offered.

16 Apr

Finding things to do in the school holidays

Easter holidays are starting for many children this weekend and parents are already thinking of ways they can fill up the days without having to spend a fortune. Taking your children out to zoos, swimming pools and soft play can be a great day out for them, but as it all normally costs money, you can quickly end up spending a small fortune without even realising it.

If you still need to work then you may decide to book the children in with a childminder or a school sports club for a few days. The days you do have off with them can be spent doing a number of different activities and it is best to plan for all weathers.

Social media sites such as Facebook are great for finding out about activities that are happening in your local area. Often they will pop up on your news feed, but there is an Events section that you can visits to find out all the upcoming events near to you. From here you can register your interest or even book a place. Many of these events are either free or come with a small charge allowing you to plan something in for every day.  

27 Sep

Travelling without travel insurance

If you are in the process of booking a holiday, it is vital that you think about your travel insurance. A good travel insurance policy will cover you for a number of things from illness down to having to cancel your holiday.

When choosing who to go with for your travel insurance, it is important to think about what level of cover you need. Should the worse happen and you become ill or have an accident and require medical attention, you may find yourself left with a huge bill going up in to the thousands. If you have travel insurance then you should be covered for this a long as you have filled out your medical history correctly. Some policies will not cover you for existing medical conditions so to be sure, you need to double check this.

When going away make sure you have at least one copy of your travel insurance documents with you and that leave one at home with a friend or family member.

You can use comparison sites to compare travel insurance policies at a glance but be sure to check that it offers the level of cover you require as the cheapest policy is not always the right one for you.



12 Jul

Avoiding a holiday from hell

So many people look forward to a holiday but there are often things that can go wrong on holiday that can turn it very quickly into a holiday from hell. When travelling abroad one of the most common reasons for an awful holiday is an illness. It may be that you have caught something before you go or that you become ill when away. This can really put a dampener on things and make it very hard for you to enjoy your time away. Often when people get ill on holiday its due to food. If you are eating a lot of food you are not used to, even if it is ok for the locals, it may cause you to have an upset tummy.

If you eat food from a café or restaurant and it has not been prepared correctly or cooked in the right way you may end up with food poisoning. This can cause an upset tummy along with sickness and make you spend the next few days in bed.

Always make sure you take some medication with you should you get ill. You may find it hard to get all the medicines you usually use when away on holiday.


05 Jun

Planning a holiday with children of different ages

If you are trying to plan a family holiday and have children that are of a different age, then you may struggle when it comes to choosing where to go and what activities to do. Children’s ideas of fun and what they enjoy to do can vary a lot from one age to another. What a three-year-old may think is great can be very different to what a twelve-year-old will want to do and you want to be able to try and please both whilst still enjoying the holiday yourself.

If there are two adults going it may be that for part of the holiday you can split your time and can do separate activities that each child will enjoy. This does mean though that you do not get to spend time with your partner or as a family all together. You could also try and find activities that vary dependant on ages such as swimming where the children can go on different slides etc depending upon their age and ability.

Research shows that the majority of children enjoy spending time on the beach when on holiday at varying ages. This is often free too so is a cheap day out for everyone. Even if the weather is not great, having a walk across the beach or paddling your feet in the sea can be done come rain or shine.