10 Aug

What to do with your pets when going on holiday

If you have booked to go camping this year then you may well take your dog with you but if you have other animals then you will need to find alternative care for them. It is important to consider what you are going to do with your pets prior to booking a holiday, especially if it is a last minute deal. It may be that you have relatives, neighbours or friends that can look after them, but if not, you may need to find alternative accommodation.

If you have a dog or cat then you may decide to put them in a pet “hotel” for the duration of your stay. Dog kennels and catteries do not have to be as basic, some places offer the pet a holiday too, treating them to long walks, pampering and luxury bedding. When choosing a place to leave your pet try and find lots of reviews and go and have a look round before you book. Animals can get separation anxiety so it is important to find somewhere that they are going to be loved and well looked after when you are away on holiday.

The prices for putting your pet in a kennel, cattery or hotel varies depending on the facilities they offer, but with all of them your pet must have all their vaccinations up to date.

13 Jun

Short weekend trips

So many of us have already missed out on holidays we had booked for this year, it is important to try and get away once it is possible, even if it is only for a few days. We all need to get away from our day to day life and spend a bit of time relaxing and doing something that we really enjoy. Weekend breaks are perfect as they can often be fitted in around work or school if you have children that you are taking with you. Camping for the weekend can be very cheap and a great mini break. You can pick the kids up from school on a Friday and be setting up camp later on that evening

If you fancy a bit of luxury then you may decide to opt for a mini spa break away or a swanky hotel in one of the big cites. You can then decide if you want to do some shopping, hit the bars or find a nice restaurant to have an evening meal. Most cities have a variety of activities and places you can visit that will certainly fill up a weekend. If you want something a little more laid back then you could opt for a countryside retreat.

19 Oct

Christmas shopping trips

As Christmas approaches, many of us are starting to think about the shopping that we need to do. The build up to Christmas is often the busiest time of the year for retailers and many will have offers and sales on to draw in as many people as possible. For some people, Christmas shopping is very enjoyable, and they are more than happy to make a day or weekend out of it. Turning your Christmas shopping into a weekend away may be right up your street.

Some popular destinations for Christmas shopping trips are London, Manchester, Birmingham or Chester. IF you are happy to go a little further afield then Paris, New York or Italy are perfect locations for shopping. Planning a shopping trip which is within the UK will reduce your travel time and allow you more time to shop but there are great savings to be had if you are willing to travel to America for your presents.

Always consider how you will bring any presents back with you on your return trip. If you are flying, you will have a luggage allowance and you will have to pay a fee if you exceed this. This may bump up the cost of all your presents meaning that you haven’t had such a great deal after all.  Also, some items such as consumables may not be allowed to be bought back through airport security so always check before you make a purchase.

06 Sep

Travel discounts for group bookings

If you are thinking of travelling in a group to a destination then you may want to do some research into discounts you may be eligible for.

There are many benefits to travelling in groups to a holiday destination such as company, safety and being able to save money.  Safety is the most important aspect of travelling with friends or family – as they say, safety in numbers. Going it alone cannot only be scary at times but can make you more vulnerable and likely to be a target of crime.

Many people forget to ask about group travel discounts and are unaware that most companies will offer these even if it is not clearly advertised. For example if you are looking to take a train journey to somewhere for more than 8 – 10 people then it is always worth contacting the train line company and asking if they can offer you a better price. This is also the case for accommodation where block bookings of parties of 10 or more can often save a few pennies. If you can also arrange for people to share rooms, this can cut the cost again. With group discounts you may find that if one or more of your party have to cancel then you may forfeit your discount and have to pay the full price.  Always be sure to check the terms and conditions of any discount offered.

16 Apr

Finding things to do in the school holidays

Easter holidays are starting for many children this weekend and parents are already thinking of ways they can fill up the days without having to spend a fortune. Taking your children out to zoos, swimming pools and soft play can be a great day out for them, but as it all normally costs money, you can quickly end up spending a small fortune without even realising it.

If you still need to work then you may decide to book the children in with a childminder or a school sports club for a few days. The days you do have off with them can be spent doing a number of different activities and it is best to plan for all weathers.

Social media sites such as Facebook are great for finding out about activities that are happening in your local area. Often they will pop up on your news feed, but there is an Events section that you can visits to find out all the upcoming events near to you. From here you can register your interest or even book a place. Many of these events are either free or come with a small charge allowing you to plan something in for every day.