31 May

Booking your summer holiday

When going on holiday and there are certain decision is that you need to made prior to booking.  You need to decide where you want to book your holiday, some people decide to book their holidays through a travel agent where as other people decide to book a holiday themselves online.  Often you may get a better deal by booking your holiday online as you are able to easily compare prices and shop around for the best price.

If you are not concerned about where you want to go, you can search for holidays within your budget.  Be sure to check that the holiday price quoted includes everything that you need it to such as flights, baggage allowance and also transfers to and from the airport.

If you are going to be going on holiday with children, then you may need to check other details of the holiday such as which airport you are flying from and flight times.

Some airports have very little in way of things to do and if you are delayed at all or even if you arrive early for your flight, your children may get very bored with having to hand around. Some airports such as Manchester and Birmingham even have soft play areas.


31 Mar

Prioritising your holiday expectations

When booking a holiday it is important to prioritise what you want and need on your holiday. Many people have a firm idea of where they want to go on holiday and what they want to do but their budget simply doesn’t allow for it.

When deciding on a holiday write a list down of essentials and nice to have’s, this will allow you to remain focused on the essentials and then looking at the nice to haves after. If you find number of holidays that appear to tick all the essential boxes, then start to work your way through the non essentials to see how many of them each holiday offers you. When making your list consider each item carefully as you may request that the hotel must have an on site restaurant but if you are going self catering and eating out most of the nights then you will probably not need a this to be on your priority list.

Don’t be afraid to take your list in to the travel agents with you and show them, they can often find it very helpful knowing exactly what you are looking for.


29 Nov

Saving money on overseas trips

If you are planning an overseas trip, then take some time to consider your options and book wisely. Those of us who take the time to shop around and do some research often end up with the best deals.

With the pound so week at the moment, everything we want or need to buy abroad will be costly, so below are a few hints and tips to help you save on everything from flights to purchases in local shops when on holiday.

If you need to use a credit card when abroad, be sure to check how much you will be charged. Many companies add a 3% fee on top of the exchange rate when you use your card abroad and this can all add up very quickly. There are a few cards out there that don’t do this but you need to make sure you apply for one in time and always try to pay it off in full so not to incur further charges.

You may be surprised to know but some airlines actually work together to sell spaces on the other airlines planes. Often you may find exactly the same seat being sold by the airline the flight is one and also a competitor, the competitor may actually be able to sell the seat for less, allowing you to save.

17 Jun

All inclusive holiday packages

All inclusive holidays are a great way to go way knowing that you will have to spend little money whilst there if you wish not to. They can offer budget to luxury accommodation and cater for all types of holiday groups such as friends, families and couples.

All inclusive holidays usually include the accommodation, onsite entertainment and all of your meals. They also usually include all of your drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic (although sometimes you are restricted to their house spirits and wines).

Some people don’t like the idea of having to stay at the resort for all of their meals and then drinking in the evening but you could go out for one or two nights and eat elsewhere if that is what you wish and still probably save money. Also many of the resorts have a number of restaurants on site meaning you can try different food that is still within your all inclusive holiday package.

04 Dec

Holidays Suitable All Year Round

Some areas are really good holiday destinations, not just in the summer and the spring, but also in autumn and winter. Croatia is a country which enjoys hot and dry weather pretty much all year round, and Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia.

African nations such as Uganda and Kenya both enjoy really hot weather, and in fact it can be difficult to see any water at all, which is why it is one of the most severe environments for animals, and one of the best for seeing migration as it happens.

If you wanted a place a little closer to home, the Canary Islands are a great option, wind can pick up in these islands but you’re bound to come away with a superb tan.

Our final ideal location for hot weather during the cold and warm months is South East Asia, but generally any country along the equator is bound to enjoy the hottest weather.