25 Sep

Making a holiday special on a tight budget

Many families struggle to keep up with the ever rising cost of an annual holiday, especially if you are restricted to school holidays. If you are wanting to go away but have quite a tight budget, then early planning is essential. You may be able to find a family member or friend that has a caravan or holiday home that you could borrow for a week which can often work out a lot cheaper than renting through a larger company. If you decide to book through a social media site etc, then be very careful in how you pay for your holiday as people have been duped in to sending money only to find there was never a holiday home for them to stay in.

In terms of activities, most children are more easily pleased than we think and a day on the beach is as good as a day at an expensive theme park. Camp fires on the beach is always a great idea to lift the mood and experience the great outdoors or a walk through the sand dunes, all of which cost nothing to do.

Either take food with you or find a large supermarket where you can stock up on food, to avoid having to fork out a lot of eating out every day.