19 Jul

Getting ready for a camping holiday

If you are going on holiday this summer and are going to be staying in a tent or a caravan, then you may need to start packing a little bit earlier than if you were going to be staying in a hotel or on a bed and breakfast. This is because often you need to take a lot more with you such as bedding and towels. If you are going to be towing your own caravan, then try and get it packed up as much as you can in the week or so before you go. This will allow you to enjoy more of your time when on holiday rather than having to unpack and find a place for everything.

When going on a self-catering holiday, you will often find that food is your biggest expense. Buying food from onsite shops is often not the cheapest way to fill your fridge, instead look for a local large supermarket where you can get the majority of your supplies from. You may have many items already in your cupboard at home that you can take with you to cook, rather than having to do whole shop when you are away.  

The more money you can save on food the more you can spend on fun activities or treats or even put it towards saving for your nest holiday. Even taking items from home such as sauces, squash and washing up liquid will save you having to buy them again.