20 Jan

Making memories whilst on holiday

If you are fortunate enough to have a holiday away with your family this year see it as a time to make memories that you and your children can think of during the grey winter months when holidays seem a long way off.

Making memories doesn’t need to cost a fortune as often the simplest activities mean more than expensive ones. An evening on the beach building a fire from driftwood and cooking sausages or toasting marshmallows costs very little and yet will stay in your children’s memories when you return home.

Collecting shells and pebbles from the shore then making a picture with the treasures is a wonderful way to remember a beach visit. Most children love building sandcastles so a team sandcastle building competition between siblings and friends is great fun.

Should you be holidaying in a town or city making a scrapbook is an inexpensive way of recording places visited and can be supplemented with tickets and leaflets of attractions visited. Children enjoy using a simple map and challenging them to find a destination is a fun way to engage them in the day’s activities. Photographs taken by the children and printed off at home can be included to remind them of their adventures.