19 Oct

Christmas shopping trips

As Christmas approaches, many of us are starting to think about the shopping that we need to do. The build up to Christmas is often the busiest time of the year for retailers and many will have offers and sales on to draw in as many people as possible. For some people, Christmas shopping is very enjoyable, and they are more than happy to make a day or weekend out of it. Turning your Christmas shopping into a weekend away may be right up your street.

Some popular destinations for Christmas shopping trips are London, Manchester, Birmingham or Chester. IF you are happy to go a little further afield then Paris, New York or Italy are perfect locations for shopping. Planning a shopping trip which is within the UK will reduce your travel time and allow you more time to shop but there are great savings to be had if you are willing to travel to America for your presents.

Always consider how you will bring any presents back with you on your return trip. If you are flying, you will have a luggage allowance and you will have to pay a fee if you exceed this. This may bump up the cost of all your presents meaning that you haven’t had such a great deal after all.  Also, some items such as consumables may not be allowed to be bought back through airport security so always check before you make a purchase.