16 Apr

Finding things to do in the school holidays

Easter holidays are starting for many children this weekend and parents are already thinking of ways they can fill up the days without having to spend a fortune. Taking your children out to zoos, swimming pools and soft play can be a great day out for them, but as it all normally costs money, you can quickly end up spending a small fortune without even realising it.

If you still need to work then you may decide to book the children in with a childminder or a school sports club for a few days. The days you do have off with them can be spent doing a number of different activities and it is best to plan for all weathers.

Social media sites such as Facebook are great for finding out about activities that are happening in your local area. Often they will pop up on your news feed, but there is an Events section that you can visits to find out all the upcoming events near to you. From here you can register your interest or even book a place. Many of these events are either free or come with a small charge allowing you to plan something in for every day.