13 Jan

Holidays for 2021

This year many of us are holding out hope that we may be able to go on holiday at some point. At the moment, we are in the third national lockdown and going on holiday is not an option but many of us are dying to at least having something booked to look forward to. The rules and regulations are changing quite often and there are currently no dates as to when exact we are going to be able to go away again. Many people are pinning their hopes on things starting to ease up in February but this may not be possible.

If you had a holiday booked last year it may be that it has already been booked again for this year. If the holiday is due to take place in spring you may wish to consider asking them to move it forward again. If you leave it too late to change the date of your holiday there may not be the availability for the dates you want.

If you have not got anything booked then why. Not start looking at where you may like to go. Even making a short list of resorts can be enough to give you that something to look forward too even if you do not feel safe in booking anything just yet.