09 Mar

Holidays in the south of England

If you are looking to get away this year but have decided to stay in the UK then you may decide to book a trip to the south coast of England. The south of England often gets the best of the weather as it tends to be warmed the further south you go. The beaches along the south coats are renowned for being beautiful, with golden sand and clear blue seas stretching miles upon miles. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in England are found along the south coastline such as Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. These locations have a number of busy seaside towns which are perfect for families, couples and friends looking to get away for a few nights. The towns are briming with high street and independent shops in the day, beautiful chic eateries and lively bars and restaurants at night. Many people compare places along the south coast to that of being abroad.

Holidays in these locations tend to book up fast, especially for breaks during the school holidays. This year these holidays are in even higher demand than ever due to the travel restrictions and therefore early booking is essential if you want to guarantee a space.