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Memorable holidays are here to stay | Holidays and Vacations

26 Dec

Memorable holidays are here to stay

The frustration that many holidaymakers have felt over the last couple of years has been immense as travellers have had to cancel or postpone special holidays that they were planning to take for anniversaries, birthdays and honeymoons. The fear of becoming stuck in a foreign country either because travel rules have been changed at short notice or because of infection has made people wary about booking holidays abroad. Hopefully, as countries increasingly get their vaccinations sorted out travellers will be able to confidently book these special holidays again.

Destinations that previously would have been ditched for beach resorts such as visiting the Taj Mahal in India or taking an Antarctica cruise are being chosen by more travellers as they seek to fulfil lifetime ambitions. It is true that the pandemic has made everyone more aware of their mortality and so they look for holidays that will be memorable.

Taking a safari holiday or combining it with a beach holiday has become popular for many honeymooners as they are getting the best of both worlds. Part of the holiday may be spent camping in one of the reserves and the second part of the honeymoon will be enjoyed experiencing the luxury of a top class spa hotel.