21 May

We are all desperate to get away, but could a holiday actually be good for your health?

With over 12 months of on and off restrictions and lockdowns, so many of us are just desperate to get away. People often used to say that you need a holiday or a holiday will do you good, but does it actually have a positive impact on your health?

In our day to day lives there is often a lot of stress. This may be from a job, money worries, relationship issues or parenting children. Often a holiday can help alleviate this by giving you some down time and time to reflect on what is important. Planning a holiday can also be stressful so you may find that initially you actually feel worse until you are away and can really switch off. If you feel that life is getting a bit too much and you need a break then try and plan a holiday that is going to be easy to enjoy. Go somewhere where you are going to be looked after.  If you are going with children, then make sure there is going to be plenty of things for them to do and too and possibly even a kids club so you can have some time for yourself. Do some research before you go and try and plan in a few activities that you can look forward to and give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare for the trip.

Being prepared is the simplest way to avoid stress when planning a holiday. Make sure that you have all your documents in place such as passports and insurance and start packing in plenty of time. Making lists can also help to get your organised and ready for your trip.