14 Mar

Book a villa for your family holiday

Many people when planning a family holiday abroad choose to stay in a hotel complex with a swimming pool and restaurants on site catering for all tastes but these holidays do place restrictions on visitors in terms of dining times, space around the pool or in having to share communal areas. A much freer experience can be achieved by booking a villa with a pool and self-catering for meals.

Booking a villa could not be easier as there are plenty of online sites that offer secure booking. This is preferable to booking independently unless you know the owner of the villa and can trust them. The tricky issue is finding flights that tie in with the dates that the villa is available, and you may need to book well in advance to ensure you have flights and accommodation that match.

Taking a holiday in a villa gives you the freedom to be able to eat when you want. You will probably need to hire a car so that you can pay a local supermarket a visit and stock up on essentials. Many villas have a barbeque in the garden that can be used, and local shops usually sell a good range of fresh produce so dining in is not a problem. You will also be able to visit local restaurants and try local traditional dishes perhaps not served in hotel buffet restaurants.

Having your own swimming pool is definitely a plus point for renting a villa and thankfully someone will usually be on hand to carry out routine maintenance on it during your stay.