29 Nov

Saving money on overseas trips

If you are planning an overseas trip, then take some time to consider your options and book wisely. Those of us who take the time to shop around and do some research often end up with the best deals.

With the pound so week at the moment, everything we want or need to buy abroad will be costly, so below are a few hints and tips to help you save on everything from flights to purchases in local shops when on holiday.

If you need to use a credit card when abroad, be sure to check how much you will be charged. Many companies add a 3% fee on top of the exchange rate when you use your card abroad and this can all add up very quickly. There are a few cards out there that don’t do this but you need to make sure you apply for one in time and always try to pay it off in full so not to incur further charges.

You may be surprised to know but some airlines actually work together to sell spaces on the other airlines planes. Often you may find exactly the same seat being sold by the airline the flight is one and also a competitor, the competitor may actually be able to sell the seat for less, allowing you to save.