19 May

Holidays in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a Spanish island located within the Canaries. It is a very popular holiday destination for holiday makers all over the world. It is just over a 4 hour flight from the Midlands in England. The hottest days are often in the months of July, August and September but all year round the temperatures are fairly warm. If you want to go and hit the beach or do a spot of sun bathing by the pool then May to June will usually allow for a few days of this.

This island tends to be popular with people of all ages and so is suited to friends and couples as well as families. There are a number of towns in Fuerteventura all of which offer something that makes them worth a visit.  

Most of the people who work in the resorts and tourist areas speak English as well as other languages so there is not normally a language barrier.

This island is packed with beautiful golden beaches and clear seas making for the idyllic holiday setting.

You can often pick up an all-inclusive holiday for two for one week in June for about £500-£600 per person. This makes it an affordable option for those on a tight budget.

16 Apr

Finding things to do in the school holidays

Easter holidays are starting for many children this weekend and parents are already thinking of ways they can fill up the days without having to spend a fortune. Taking your children out to zoos, swimming pools and soft play can be a great day out for them, but as it all normally costs money, you can quickly end up spending a small fortune without even realising it.

If you still need to work then you may decide to book the children in with a childminder or a school sports club for a few days. The days you do have off with them can be spent doing a number of different activities and it is best to plan for all weathers.

Social media sites such as Facebook are great for finding out about activities that are happening in your local area. Often they will pop up on your news feed, but there is an Events section that you can visits to find out all the upcoming events near to you. From here you can register your interest or even book a place. Many of these events are either free or come with a small charge allowing you to plan something in for every day.  

20 Mar

Accommodation when going on holiday or a short break

Accommodation can make or break a holiday. If you chose the wrong accommodation you may find that it has a knock on effect on the whole of your holiday and that you simply do not enjoy it. You need to think carefully about what it is you want from your accommodation before booking and ensure you read plenty of reviews. If you are just wanting a place to get your head down after a night out with friends or family then the cost of the room and location (how close it is to where you are going out) will probably be of high priority. If on the other hand you are wanting to go somewhere that you can relax in the bar, enjoy the surroundings or spend time in a spa then the facilities will probably be one of the main things to look out for.

Choosing whether to stay in a hotel or B and B is also another option you may need to consider. Many B and B’s have a policy where you have to be in by a certain time before the doors are locked, this is especially true if the B and B is also someone’s home. If you are not planning on returning until late at night or early hours of the morning, a hotel with a 24 hour reception may be better.

26 Feb

An adventure at Go Ape

If you are wanting to do some adventure activities when on holiday, why not try Go Ape. There are a number of Go Ape centres all over the UK and they offer a wide range of activities in several of their forest locations. They have over 30 courses available and there is something for all the family to enjoy so its not just for adults. This is great as it means you can take part as a family. It is also good for businesses looking for team building and bonding activities. The activities they offer include Segway, Zip wires, and Tree top climbing for all abilities.

Go Ape can also cater for parties such as kids birthday parties or stag / hen do’s. They also offer group/ individual bookings and packages for schools or businesses.

If you have younger children and you want to build their confidence then enrolling them in a junior tree top adventure might be just the thing. You can take part with them or just spectate if they are within the guidelines regarding weight/height and age.

There is currently 33 Go Ape sites across the UK and this number continues to grow, meaning there is probably one quite close to where you live or where you are planning on going on holiday.

26 Jan

Snap up a no deposit holiday

January blues often hit us all a bit. It’s a time when Christmas is done with for a year, money is often quite tight and the weather is usually wet and miserable. January is also a time when many of us start to look to book a holiday and give us something to look forward too.
With money being tight, many families struggle to afford to book a holiday during the month of January but holiday tour operators often tempt us with special offers and try and make it easy to book.
Some tour operators are currently offering very low or even no deposit holidays. You can book the holiday and spread the cost out over a certain amount of payments. One thing to remember when doing this is that holidays often have to be fully paid at least 4-6 weeks before the departure date and this may not leave much time to spread the costs out over if you are planning on going in the first part of the year. Be sure to check exactly what needs to be paid when and ensure that you will have the funds to pay it. Some companies will let you pay as much or as little as you like off as long as it is paid in full by a certain date. This can be handy for people who know they are going to be getting a sum on money on a set date.