15 Feb

Reading travel advice before going on holiday

At the moment, many people’s travel plans are on hold yet again but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start to plan ahead for when things start to get easier.

Going on holiday can be very exciting but with everything that has happened recently, it should come as no surprise that lots of us seem to be feeling very anxious about going. If you are planning on going to a country where there are some safety concerns then you may want to spend a little bit more time researching the area, what you should and shouldn’t do and what you need to be aware of. For example, in some countries there are places that are safe and other places that are not considered safe for tourists.

The Government website gives a lot of advice about different countries that all tourists can view. The information covers a variety of subjects such as entry requirements, health advice, safety advice, local cultures as well as travel disruption. The government website will tell you if the UK advise against travel or if only advice travel if unavoidable. IT may be that you need to have certain vaccines before travelling to a country, which you need to ensure you allow enough time for.

13 Jan

Holidays for 2021

This year many of us are holding out hope that we may be able to go on holiday at some point. At the moment, we are in the third national lockdown and going on holiday is not an option but many of us are dying to at least having something booked to look forward to. The rules and regulations are changing quite often and there are currently no dates as to when exact we are going to be able to go away again. Many people are pinning their hopes on things starting to ease up in February but this may not be possible.

If you had a holiday booked last year it may be that it has already been booked again for this year. If the holiday is due to take place in spring you may wish to consider asking them to move it forward again. If you leave it too late to change the date of your holiday there may not be the availability for the dates you want.

If you have not got anything booked then why. Not start looking at where you may like to go. Even making a short list of resorts can be enough to give you that something to look forward too even if you do not feel safe in booking anything just yet. 

17 Dec

Is it safe to book a holiday for next year?

So many of us are desperate to go on holiday that we cannot wait to get something booked. It may be that you were due to go this year but had to cancel or that you only go every other year and have missed out.

Holiday companies are starting to take bookings again for next year but there is still a lot of uncertainly at the minute. It may be that you struggle to get insurance that covers you for COVID or that will pay out if you have to cancel due to contracting COVID.

The rules and regulations are changing all the time so it is important to remember that what is said today may very well not be the same advice or rules in a few months’ time. Ideally you should wait until closer to the time to make your booking but there is likely to be a massive surge of holiday bookings so you may not get a place. Be sure to read all the small print and terms and conditions to ensure you know what protection you have and make plans should you have to isolate on your return or should you contract COVID whilst you are away.

14 Nov

Plan your spring break in the UK

For many of us this past year has brought disappointment when it comes to holiday plans as we have had to postpone or cancel our well earned holidays without knowing when we will be able to have a break away again. It is important however to look to the future and to plan a spring break to give us something to look forward to during the winter.

The most sensible destination to visit is one that is closer to home as any international travel may be still be restricted. There is an amazing choice of locations in the UK to suit all tastes so whether you are a fan of walking or just want to chill out and relax start planning now for the spring.

If you want to have a relaxing break away it is a good idea to have a look at country hotels where you can while away the hours reading, dining and sleeping in luxurious surroundings. Some country hotels have a golf course attached that can be used by guests if you fancy a spot of exercise.

Should your ideal break away involve more energetic activities, a walking or climbing holiday could be for you. The Peak district offers visitors the chance to indulge their passion for the great outdoors and enjoy the magnificent views along the way.

06 Oct

Holidays on your doorstep

It is often said that we do not fully appreciate our local surroundings choosing instead to travel miles and miles to other locations to spend our leisure time but what about spending time a bit nearer to home and exploring some of the attractions and locations on our doorsteps.

The advantage to keeping it local is that it can be cheaper as often an overnight stay is not necessary although there is nothing wrong with staying in a local hotel or guest house nearby especially if you are planning to dine out and drink during the evening. Local attractions sometimes offer special rates for locals, so it is well worth inquiring about this.

Another advantage to holidaying more locally is that travel time is reduced giving you more time to enjoy the attractions on offer, it may also be possible to visit more than one location in a day. For those who do not relish a long car journey this is a bonus.

It is important to support local businesses now more than ever and so holidaying locally is a good opportunity to do so. By visiting the tourist information website for the area, a whole range of attractions can be found perhaps some that you were not even aware of.