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01 May

Algarve: Portugal’s Playground and Golf Centre

Many active holidaymakers consider Algarve as Portugal’s playground. It is not an exaggeration because in terms of land area, Algarve covers only an eight of Portugal but have more hotels, villas, and other holiday accommodations than the rest of the country combined. At least three million Europeans visit this area each year.

An attempt to find out why they come, will reveal that tourists prefer the southern region because of its climate. When the rest of the Western world shivers in low temperatures beginning in the tail end of autumn and the first few weeks of spring, Algarve guarantees six months of sunshine. In addition, spring comes early and even at the height of the winter season, the temperature does not breach below the 15 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit mark.
Aside from the climate and other amazing tourist attractions in the area, holidaymakers come in droves because of golf in the Algarve. There are at least 27 world-class golf courses. Two of the most exclusive tourist developments can be found in Vale de Lobo and Quinta do Lago. In Vale de Lobo or Valley of the Wolf, avid golfers love to try a golf course designed by a British Champion named Henry Cotton. The spectacular views are tempered by the difficult shots that golfers need to complete, because some of the holes are by the sea.
Quinta do Lago on the other hand exemplifies what golf in the Algarve means to many sightseers and thrill seekers. Aside from the superb facilities of the golf course, visitors are mesmerized by the pine-covered beachfront property and thus it is understandable why movie stars and European leaders frequent this elegant tourist estate.
The best golf in Algarve runs from October to April. Golfers enjoy coming here not only because of the high-quality services provided by business proprietors but also on the fact that they are allowed to play until nightfall. The chance to play all day long is a potent lure for golf enthusiasts. Therefore, golf in the Algarve is a rewarding experience.
The high number of golf courses in Algarve is an advantage to tourists and golf enthusiasts because competition results in competitive prices. Watch out for special offers especially during the off-peak season. There are many special discounts offered after a certain time. Those who want to play the whole day, should consider packages with attractive rates.
It is important to point out that several of the world-class hotels in the area offer discounts on green fees. Due to competition with other holiday accommodations, certain hotels offer golfing privileges, such as reserved tee-off time. An experienced golfer understands the value of reserved tee-off time especially during the peak season.
First timers may need to do some research before making hotel reservations. On the other hand, many golfers wait until they reach Algarve before making lodging reservations. Those who are new to the area may consider acquiring a free newspaper called the Algarve Golf Guide because this publication lists all the golf courses in the area.