13 Sep

Stag and Hen Holidays

Arguably nothing prompts a holiday like a wedding, and no we are not talking about the honeymoon. Holiday’s in Europe are extremely affordable, and occasionally the prices are comparable to vacations in the UK, making stag dos and hen dos very popular abroad.

It’s fair to say that when going away, the best man or head bridesmaid has a lot more planning to do than they would if it was held in their town, or country for that matter. But holiday websites can help organise the activities on your behalf, though there will be less freedom when it comes to activities and destinations.

Rather than beach holidays, staying in cities like Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam, can provide something different, and make it one to remember. For extremely cheap trips, going off peak can make a huge difference, and if it’s possible we recommend spring, preferably not when kids are off school.

For those who want to be really adventurous Thailand is a popular alternative to European destinations, but there will be an increase in price. And it is important to remember that the honeymoon should probably top the stag and hen party, so try not to blow the whole budget on a pre-wedding holiday.