03 Oct

Researching your Holiday before you leave

So many people will book a holiday solely on price, and then arrive home with many complaints, one of which may be ‘they said it was a 4 star’.

Each hotel with have its own star rating, especially if your booking with an international travel agent, but to get a true idea of your hotel, undertaking research is vital. Popular sites like Tripadvisor can provide a true indication of your hotel, especially in the review section.

Reading the comments made by people who have stayed at the hotel, we feel, is vital. Listen to what they’ve got to say, they may warn you about something important or provide you with valuable information.

Looking at photographs is also important, and not just the enhanced photographs published by the hotel itself. Knowing the area and the town is also imperative, there are so many people who come back of a holiday and someone will ask them where they stayed, and they just won’t know.

A great deal of money is spent on holidays and make sure you select the right one. Information is out there to be found, so ensure you don’t come home with a list of complaints.